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Wellness Assessment

How does your health score?

Discover your ‘real’ health age and unlock personalised plans and expert advice that is tailored to you by completing our free online health assessment - the Wellness Record.

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Health Insurance

Health Insurance

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Fitness Goals

Achieve Fitness Goals

Whether it's been a while since you last exercised or you're getting ready to run a marathon, we can help.

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Planners and useful guides

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My goals & action planner

Whether it's been a while since you last exercised or you're getting ready to run a marathon, we can help. Our expert coaches have prepared a range of training plans and tools tailored for everyone from absolute beginners to advanced competitors.

Of course your fitness goals may not relate to an event as much as your personal health. You might want to be able to walk up a flight of stairs without puffing, keep up with your children when cycling or just trim some excess padding off your waistline. If this is the case our Wellbeing Health Action Programs, featuring daily activity plans and diet tips, will more effectively meet your needs.

Our interactive Activity Planner can also custom-build workouts according to your goals and expertise and the equipment and time you have available. These workouts are supported by our extensive library of resources, including strength-training tips on everything from toned arms to lower back injury rehabilitation.

Finally, it may be that your doctor has recommended a return to exercise to assist with blood glucose management or even quitting smoking. If this is the case, our other Health Action Programs are well worth a look.


My food planner

Making a commitment to healthy eating is easier said than done. Aggressively marketed fast foods, ice creams, soft drinks and other temptations are increasingly accessible and almost impossible to ignore. Competing work and family demands often leave little time to prepare nutritious, balanced meals.

Our Healthy Eating Program can't protect you from mass marketing or add minutes to your day. What we can do is provide you with tasty, low-fat recipes and arm you with vital nutritional knowledge.

The 10-week program also provides you with a daily meal plan which you can customise according to whether you wish to maintain your current weight or lose/gain kilos.

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Fun Runs: Starter 6 Weeks

The starter Programs are for newcomers to running who have a low fitness base.

Week 5

    My active planner

    The Activity Planner builds workouts for you based on your goals, fitness level and preferred form of physical activity. Whether you want to add tone to your body, improve your flexibility, run, walk or ride a bike, the Activity Planner can help get you on the right track.

    The Activity Planner takes you through five simple questions that cover preferences such as:

    1. What type of exercise you prefer (cardio-aerobic, muscle build and tone, or stretching)
    2. Your level of experience with this form of exercise (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
    3. The equipment/facilities you have access to (nothing at all, a fully equipped gym or something in between)
    4. Preferred workout duration
    5. Whether you want to work on your cardio-aerobic fitness by cycling, walking, running or swimming
    6. Whether you're training for strength, sports or general fitness
    7. Whether you'd prefer to run or ride on the flat, up hills, at a steady pace or do sprints.

    Once you've made your five choices, which generally takes no more than a minute, the Activity Planner will generate a personal program for you. If you've selected Muscle Build or Tone or Stretching as your type of plan, the Activity Planner searches our exercise database to build your personal program.

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    Wellness score




    Health Age


    Health History

    My reports

    Tailored to suit your personal health needs this section tracks your own wellness journey while providing recommendations on how to implement small changes that can make a big difference.

    Biometrics, liftstyle, health and wellbeing make up your overall heart age with each section having their own personalised reporting and recommendations.


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