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    Quitters Happier And Less Anxious

    Many smokers who are struggling to quit believe that smoking lifts their mood and helps them to cope with stress. However, quitting is linked to improvements in mental wellbeing including decreases in anxiety and depression that can be equivalent to taking anti-depressants.

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    Weight Loss Diets

    Top Five Food & Diet Myths

    As children, we're told all sorts of odd stories about food. Bread crusts make our hair curly, apple skins cure constipation and so on. Before we pass on these tales to the next generation, let's have a closer look at them...

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Why Medicate For CAD?

Written by Kate Kellaway

There are several important reasons why medications are used to treat coronary artery disease (CAD).

Most people refer to their medications by their purpose – 'cholesterol tablets' or 'blood pressure pills' – rather than by their actual name, so before we discuss specific medications, let's look at the different reasons for them being prescribed.


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