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    Preventing cervical cancer

    A quick and easy test can prevent 1,200 cases of cervical cancer every year, so why are Pap smears such a sensitive subject?

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    Adolescent Health

    The Calm Before The Norm

    There's a commonly held belief that a seemingly well-adjusted teenager is a ticking time-bomb, a problem waiting to happen. Researchers now say the opposite appears to be true. Happy teens may be just that.

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Athlete's DIY Fitness Test 4

Written by Dr Noel Duncan

It's strength testing time now. Let's see what your upper and lower body regions can do.

In Parts 1 to 3 of our DIY Fitness test we examined body shape, pulse rates, flexibility, abdominal muscles and heart recovery rates. To complete the test we look at the strength of your hips and chest. Once again, if you're in doubt about the following tests, consult your doctor before proceeding. If it hurts or you feel faint, stop immediately.


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