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  • Cancer

    Tips For Dodging Cancer

    A coalition of 100 scientists from 30 nations has compiled a detailed report on how to avoid cancer. The good news is that we can all reduce our cancer risk, if we're prepared to make some lifestyle adjustments.

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    Strength Training

    Work The Room: Circuit Training

    Circuit Weight Training is one of the best ways to do a complete all-body workout, especially when pressed for time. Different from conventional weight training, it can build muscular endurance as well as improve general fitness.

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Beat The Heat: Part Two

Written by Kellie Heywood

In part one of Beat The Heat, we covered being prepared and protecting your skin from the sun. In part two we look at preventing dehydration and how to avoid heat stress.

Drink often – prevent dehydration

You can sweat up to a litre of fluid an hour when working in hot conditions. The key to preventing dehydration is to drink small amounts often. You’re much better off sipping 150-200 ml every 15-20 minutes than gulping down a litre or so every hour.


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