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    Preventing cervical cancer

    A quick and easy test can prevent 1,200 cases of cervical cancer every year, so why are Pap smears such a sensitive subject?

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    Adolescent Health

    The Calm Before The Norm

    There's a commonly held belief that a seemingly well-adjusted teenager is a ticking time-bomb, a problem waiting to happen. Researchers now say the opposite appears to be true. Happy teens may be just that.

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Caring For The Carer

Written by Lauren McDonald

Being the carer for a person with a mental illness is a challenging role that often falls to the person’s relatives or friends. But if you’re a carer, there’s another person you need to look after: you.

Caring for, or living with, a person who has a serious mental health issue can be full of difficult days. If the role is new to you, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the new duties that go with being a primary carer. If you have been doing this for a while, you may have noticed you offer support in multiple ways: social, emotional, physical and financial support. Being a carer can become a full-time role, and it can seem as though there are not enough hours in the day to care for yourself.


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