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    All About Anabolic Steroids

    With rigorous drug testing regimes in place, why do athletes bother to take steroids? And why are non-athletes, particularly teenagers, following their example?

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    Cauliflower A Smart Choice

    Mark Twain once described cauliflower as "cabbage with a college education". Now science has shown that cauliflower is a smart choice, along with broccoli, in an anti-cancer diet.

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Taking Charge: Coping Emotionally With Your Diagnosis

Written by Shaunagh O'Connor

There are a whole range of things you can do to come to terms with a diagnosis of chronic heart failure (CHF). It's comforting to remember that knowing what's wrong with your heart is the first step to getting the right treatment.

One of the things people struggle with when they get a diagnosis of CHF is the fact that, in the majority of cases, the illness is a chronic one. This means that once they have CHF, it will always be with them in some form, as the heart is an organ that once damaged can’t repair or rebuild itself.


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