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    Dealing With Type 2 Diabetes

    Health authorities say that up to half of the people with Type 2 diabetes may not know they have it. How can you find out and what can you do about this serious condition?

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    Women's Health

    Pill May Protect Against Cancer

    In addition to largely protecting against unplanned pregnancies, the contraceptive pill also has a prophylactic effect against ovarian cancer, Italian researchers have confirmed.

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When Children Don't – Or Won't – Sleep

Written by Kate Kellaway

The bleary eyes and vague stare so common in parents of newborns highlights just how little truth there is to the saying 'sleeping like a baby'. But sleep problems aren't just limited to babies – they're really common in children of all ages.

Studies have found up to 45 per cent of children and 30 per cent of adolescents may find quality sleep elusive.


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