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    Bipolar Disorder

    With life's ups and downs come predictable changes in moods, from happy to sad and everything in between. But for people living with bipolar disorder, these fluctuations in mood can be a rollercoaster of extremes.

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    Mental Health

    Caring For The Carer

    Being the carer for a person with a mental illness is a challenging role that often falls to the person’s relatives or friends. But if you’re a carer, there’s another person you need to look after: you.

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The Dark Side Of Coping With Stress

Written by Kellie Heywood

When it comes to dealing with persistent stress, many people turn to habits that offer short term pleasure and relief, but which can come with a significant long-term cost.

What's your favourite anti-stress defence? For some it's a cigarette, for others a glass of wine, breaking out the chocolate or pigging out on pizza. While there's nothing wrong with an occasional treat (although we'd always advise against the smoking), making a habit of coping with stress using unhealthy behaviours can cause big trouble.


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