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    Top Five Food & Diet Myths

    As children, we're told all sorts of odd stories about food. Bread crusts make our hair curly, apple skins cure constipation and so on. Before we pass on these tales to the next generation, let's have a closer look at them...

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    Sports Injury

    When Training Goes To Your Head

    If training regularly leaves you with a headache, it's worth looking into the cause. The cure could be simple.

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Geek Chic For Training

Written by Tim Pegler

Want to know exactly how hard you work during training sessions? There’s bound to be a gadget that can shed light on your performance.

A friend once suggested that I’d never improve my times on our personal cycling time trial course if I didn’t record my “splits” and then work harder on the sections where my pace slowed. So I divided the course up into sections, or splits, and used a sports watch with a lap timer to record my performance through each. Then I manually, obsessively entered the splits into a spreadsheet. Over several weeks it became obvious where I needed to try harder. Everywhere.


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