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    No Beating Healthy Eating

    Should we rely on man-made dietary supplements to get the goodness of fruit and vegetables? A food scientist says eating the real thing is better than popping pills.

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    Overweight And Obesity

    Filling up? Think French

    Why don't the French get fat, considering all the wine, cheese, pate and pastries they eat? The answer may lie in their eating habits.

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Good Stress Versus Bad Stress

Written by Lauren McDonald

Stressful situations are not always a bad thing; sometimes being under the pump can help you to perform better. So what can help you thrive under pressure rather than crumble under its weight?

Some people seem to thrive working in high-stress roles where the stakes are high (think professional traders on Wall Street or vascular surgeons performing lifesaving surgery) whereas others go to water at the first inkling of work-related pressure. So why is it that some of us are better equipped to handle stress than others?


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