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    Vacillating On Vasectomy?

    Vasectomy is a relatively cheap and simple form of contraception. So why don't more men undergo this quick operation?

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    Men's Health

    Time To Get Teste

    Did you know that in 85 per cent of men the left testicle is larger, heavier and hangs lower than the right? Or that you should regularly check the testes for cancer?

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Heart Rates: How Do You Measure Up?

Written by Professor Gordon S. Lynch

A different way of looking at heart rates may prove an effective method of predicting the rate of male death due to cardiovascular disease.

In the early 1980s, ‘resting heart rate' was found to be useful in predicting those at greater risk of cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Higher resting heart rates were associated with increased risk of dying from CVD (Dyer et al. 1980). Since that time, the link between heart rate and mortality has been explored in many different populations.


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