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What Is The Activity Planner?

What is the Activity Planner and how can it help me achieve my goals?

The Activity Planner builds workouts for you based on your goals, fitness level and preferred form of physical activity. Whether you want to add tone to your body, improve your flexibility, run, walk or ride a bike, the Activity Planner can help get you on the right track.

How does it work?

The Activity Planner takes you through five simple questions that cover preferences such as:

  • What type of exercise you prefer (cardio-aerobic, muscle build and tone, or stretching)
  • Your level of experience with this form of exercise (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  • The equipment/facilities you have access to (nothing at all, a fully equipped gym or something in between)
  • Preferred workout duration
  • Whether you want to work on your cardio-aerobic fitness by cycling, walking, running or swimming
  • Whether you're training for strength, sports or general fitness
  • Whether you'd prefer to run or ride on the flat, up hills, at a steady pace or do sprints.

Once you've made your five choices, which generally takes no more than a minute, the Activity Planner will generate a personal program for you. If you've selected Muscle Build or Tone or Stretching as your type of plan, the Activity Planner searches our exercise database to build your personal program.

What if I'm not familiar with an exercise in the program?

For the Muscle Build or Tone and Stretching type of Activity Plans, click on the exercise title and a page will load containing text and illustrations or video describing how to perform the exercise.

What if I don't like an exercise in the program?

To change exercises that you're not keen on or don't have the right equipment to complete in the Muscle Build or Tone and Stretching type of Activity Plans, click on the "Swap" button after each exercise and a page will load containing a list of exercises similar to the one you wish to change. Scroll through the list, viewing those that may be suitable. When you have made your selection by clicking the title of your preferred exercise, please click the "Choose" button at the bottom of the exercise swap list. The Activity Planner will refresh the program page with your updated workout.

Can I print out the programs and take them to the gym, pool or elsewhere?

Sure! Click the "Print Friendly" option, then select "Print" in your web browser to print out your program.

Can I keep my old programs?

You can store up to 10 different programs in the My Health section of the website.

Training for a particular event or activity?

If you want a program to take you through a graded build-up in training aimed at competing in a specific event, go to Health Action Programs and choose a Sport training program to match your preferred activity and level of experience. You can use the Activity Planner to supplement or provide extra variety to your Sport workouts.

What if I haven't exercised recently or I have a medical condition?

If you’ve been inactive for a while, get the all-clear from your doctor before you start exercising – they can recommend which exercises you should or shouldn’t do based on your current health. In the meantime, a 30-minute daily walk, at a pace that makes you mildly short of breath but allows you to still carry on a conversation, is a safe way to start. If you have a medical condition that limits your ability to exercise, try to do as much as you can – what’s important is that you avoid being inactive. Even a small amount of regular brisk walking is good for you.


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