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    Dealing With Type 2 Diabetes

    Health authorities say that up to half of the people with Type 2 diabetes may not know they have it. How can you find out and what can you do about this serious condition?

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    Women's Health

    Pill May Protect Against Cancer

    In addition to largely protecting against unplanned pregnancies, the contraceptive pill also has a prophylactic effect against ovarian cancer, Italian researchers have confirmed.

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How Do I Put On Weight?

Written by Professor Gordon S. Lynch

If you're looking for ways to put on weight, specifically lean muscle, we can help you achieve your goal.

To put on muscle you basically need to do two things - train hard, especially with weights, and eat sufficient quantities of healthy food to promote muscle growth. As long as you're training hard enough, there are also supplements that can help in your quest for bigger muscles.


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