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    Relationship Builders & Breakers

    Relationships are so important for maintaining our resilience that we need to take the time to properly care for them.

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    Coming To Terms With COPD

    It’s not uncommon for people with chronic health problems to experience anxious or depressed feelings. But with COPD, there seems to be an extra strong link between COPD and mood disorders - the umbrella term for problems like anxiety and depression.

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Joining A Gym: Do You Need To?

Written by Steve Hore

Fitness centres are available in an increasing number of sizes and forms. But do you really need to join one to improve your fitness?

They used to be called gyms but with the increased range of exercise offerings, most are now known as fitness centres. The name is more appropriate when you consider that most centres have facilities for weight training, cardio, circuits, stretching, aerobics, martial arts, yoga, water aerobics, swimming ...the list is almost endless. Besides the exercise options, many centres have additional services including cafes, massage, child minding and beauty therapy. Yet with all these attributes on offer, is a fitness centre membership appropriate for you?


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