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    Bipolar Disorder

    With life's ups and downs come predictable changes in moods, from happy to sad and everything in between. But for people living with bipolar disorder, these fluctuations in mood can be a rollercoaster of extremes.

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    Mental Health

    Caring For The Carer

    Being the carer for a person with a mental illness is a challenging role that often falls to the person’s relatives or friends. But if you’re a carer, there’s another person you need to look after: you.

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Making The Most Of Motivation

Written by Lauren McDonald

Making lifestyle changes is tough, especially when it involves going outside our comfort zone. Understanding how motivation works can make it easier to implement changes for the better.

All of us are born with some fairly basic motivations - drives such as hunger, thirst, and sleep that demand to be satisfied. But what happens when those needs are met? Do we stop striving and rest on our laurels? If so, how do you explain high achievers such as Richard Branson and Bill Gates who keep working hard when their bank balances dictate they will never go hungry?


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