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    Lifestyle & Dementia

    Use it or lose it: lifestyle & dementia Dementia affects more than 300,000 Australians and though there is currently no cure, there are things you can do to delay its onset. Here we look at simple things you can do in middle age to keep dementia at bay.

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    Eat Away At Blood Pressure

    Increase your folate consumption and you could very well decrease your chances of suffering from high blood pressure.

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No Carbs After Sunset?

Written by Dr Michael McCoy

There are a number of diet plans around at the moment that claim you should not eat carbohydrates after a certain time, or combine them with foods containing proteins regardless of what time it is. Should you believe them?

Many people skip breakfast and/or lunch in an aim to lose weight or simply because they are in a hurry. However, such behaviours tend to lead to overeating at night due to hunger, stress or other ‘non-hungry' reasons.


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