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    Mind Matters: Keeping Depression At Bay

    Keeping an eye on your moods, feelings and thoughts about living with chronic heart failure (CHF) means you're well placed to keep depression at bay.

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    Healthy Lifestyle Strategies

    Older people may be able to improve their cognitive function and brain efficiency by making simple lifestyle changes such as incorporating memory exercise, healthy eating, physical fitness and stress reduction into their daily lives.

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Om, What About Yoga?

Written by Dr Michael McCoy

Yoga, an exercise practice as old as any, may be more relevant now than ever before. Indeed, just calling it exercise may be doing it a disservice. So what does yoga have to offer?

You're looking for something a bit more active than a stretching class, but not nearly so combative or competitive as sport. The culture of aerobics and gyms is not for you either, but the loneliness of the long distance runner has equally little appeal. Perhaps yoga is the solution.


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