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    The Calm Before The Norm

    There's a commonly held belief that a seemingly well-adjusted teenager is a ticking time-bomb, a problem waiting to happen. Researchers now say the opposite appears to be true. Happy teens may be just that.

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    Mental Health

    Post-Divorce Damage Control

    Parents who are divorcing can take steps to help their children deal with the fallout of a break-up, a study has found.

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Revolutionise Your Resolutions

Written by Dr Michael McCoy

About 40 per cent of us make a New Year's resolution and about two thirds of these are health related. What strategies can you use to make sure good intentions become reality - regardless of the time of year you make the commitment?

As a New Year begins, whether it's the calendar, financial or lunar variety, there's usually a period in which people take stock of where things are at - or where they'd like them to be. If you're the type that makes resolutions on such occasions, chances are your health may be high on your priorities list.


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