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    When Work Gets Under Your Skin

    Does your job literally get under your skin? Skin conditions like irritations, rashes, allergies and skin cancer are among the most common work-related health problems.

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    Tobacco Facts

    If you are giving up smoking, or considering it, no doubt you are pretty aware of the health issues related to tobacco. What you might not be aware of is the sheer scale of the problems that tobacco poses world-wide.

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Splash Out! Try Open Water Swimming

Written by Dr Michael McCoy

Whether you want to compete in the ocean equivalent of a fun run or simply avoid the congestion of the public pool, swimming open water may necessitate new skills.

Open water swimming is very different indeed to the tile-enclosed variety. If you're in the sea, there may be waves to dolphin your way through on the way out and surf home on. Or, it may be calmer than any pool could ever be. The water is certainly fresher too.


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