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    Get High On Exercise

    Could it be true that exercise provides us with a natural chemical high? Or do the feel-good emotions flow from a smug awareness that we're doing the right thing by our bodies and minds?

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    Mental Health

    The Quest For Calm: Relaxation Techniques

    If a car engine overheats, one of the first responses should be to switch it off and let it cool down. You should apply the same logic to yourself when you’re feeling under pressure.

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Toilet Technique Tips

Written by Dr Michael McCoy

It's a tough job but somebody has to do it. Go potty with our in-depth examination of toilet traumas and how to rectify them.

Some years back my doctor revealed to me that the ideal bowel movement should follow the "three nines" principle: it should be done at 9 am (so you don't get caught in the traffic), it should take nine seconds to complete (fairly ambitious) and it should be nine inches long.


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