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    Fight Cardiovascular Disease With Folic Acid?

    Research has revealed that the level of a particular amino acid in our blood may be the cause of cardiovascular disease, a very important finding for prevention of heart problems.

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    Women's Health

    Pregnant Pause Discouraged

    Old school thinking often saw expectant mothers figuratively wrapped in cotton wool during pregnancy. Now scientists are calling for pregnant women to get on the move - as long as everything is proceeding smoothly.

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Under A Dark Cloud: Chronic Stress

Written by Dr Stephanie Bradstock

The good news about stress is there are lots of ways to tackle it. But what if things aren't getting better?

If you've tried to manage your stress levels but the symptoms aren't easing, it's important not to just suffer in silence. Not only can chronic stress have a major impact on your physical and mental health, but there may also be other underlying issues you need to address as well.


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