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    All About Anabolic Steroids

    With rigorous drug testing regimes in place, why do athletes bother to take steroids? And why are non-athletes, particularly teenagers, following their example?

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    Cauliflower A Smart Choice

    Mark Twain once described cauliflower as "cabbage with a college education". Now science has shown that cauliflower is a smart choice, along with broccoli, in an anti-cancer diet.

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Watermelon Juice A Health Booster

Written by Professor Gordon S. Lynch

Watermelon isn't just water and seeds. It's a rich source of an antioxidant that has protective effects against cancers and cardiovascular disease.

Is there anything nutritious in watermelon? There sure is! Watermelon is a rich natural source of lycopene, a ‘carotenoid' of great interest because of its antioxidant capacity and potential health benefits. Carotenoids are the red, orange and yellow pigments found in plants, of which beta-carotene (vitamin A) is perhaps the best known example.


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