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    Preventing cervical cancer

    A quick and easy test can prevent 1,200 cases of cervical cancer every year, so why are Pap smears such a sensitive subject?

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    Adolescent Health

    The Calm Before The Norm

    There's a commonly held belief that a seemingly well-adjusted teenager is a ticking time-bomb, a problem waiting to happen. Researchers now say the opposite appears to be true. Happy teens may be just that.

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Weight Training Terms For Beginners

Written by Dr Noel Duncan

Looking to try some weight training but think reps are door to door salesmen and a set is what your grandma gets from her hairdresser? Word yourself up on some weight training basics.

There's a lot of jargon in weight training. If you don't want to get into the gym and make a goose of yourself, here are a few of the terms you might trip up on, and some tips for beginners.


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