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    Bulk Up Quickly 3

    If you're going to get big, you're going to need to eat big - within reason.

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    Nutrition & Older Adults

    Ageing often brings with it a reduction in muscle size and strength which can contribute to problems with mobility, balance and falls. Paying close attention to nutrition may help offset some of these changes.

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Energy expenditure calculator

Energy expenditure gives an estimate of the energy consumed as food or drink that is burned off during specific physical activities. For example, a 75 kilogram or 165 pound adult who does 45 minutes of circuit training would burn off the equivalent of one serve of Spaghetti Bolognese.

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Energy Expenditure:


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  • Duration: None minutes

  • Weight: None None

Body mass index calculator

Body Mass Index is a measure of what is considered a healthy weight for your height. An 'unhealthy' weight indicates you may be at greater risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease, hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes or stroke. However, BMI measures can't differentiate between muscle and fat tissue so people who are well-muscled or pregnant may be inaccurately defined as 'overweight'.


Body mass index:

  • Height: None None

  • Weight: None None

Waist-to-hip ratio calculator

Your body shape is an indicator of potential risks to your health. People with more weight around their waist are at greater risk of heart disease and diabetes than those with more weight around their hips.


Waist-To-Hip Ratio:

Rating: None

  • Waist Size: None None

  • Hip Size: None None

  • Gender: None

Target heart rate calculator

What is the heart rate zone you should aim for in order to get the best out of your workouts? And what maximum heart rate should you expect during an intense, full body workout?



Target Heart Rate:

None min None max

Target heart rate estimates the heart rate zone required for you to get the best possible fitness benefits. Try to maintain your heart rate within this zone for 20 minutes or more per exercise session.

Max Heart Rate:

None max

Max heart rate is an estimate of your heart rate when you are working as hard as possible in a total body exercise (e.g. cross country skiing, running, rowing).

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  • Gender: None

  • Activity: None

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