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  • Digestive Problems

    Good Bugs, Bad Bugs

    Putting out the welcome mat for some bacteria in our bodies and telling others to pack their bags may mean weight control takes on a whole new meaning.

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    Nutrition & Older Adults

    Ageing often brings with it a reduction in muscle size and strength which can contribute to problems with mobility, balance and falls. Paying close attention to nutrition may help offset some of these changes.

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Top 10 Cancer-Fighting Foods

Cancer is a word that strikes fear into all of us. So what foods can we eat to reduce our risk of suffering from any form of cancer?

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Protect Yourself Against Skin Cancer

Australians have one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. What do you need to know to protect yourself?

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Understanding Cancer

While ‘cancer’ can be a very scary word, better understanding it is the key to reducing the toll it takes on the community.

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Preventing Cancer With Daily Aspirin

Regularly taking aspirin could halve the risk for developing a hereditary form of colorectal cancer.

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Cancer – An Overview

Cancer is the name given to a large number of diseases of the cells – which are the basic structural units of all the organs and tissues in our bodies.

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Breast Cancer

No Link Between Meat & Breast Cancer

A Brigham and Women's Hospital study challenges the theory that women who eat less meat may lower their risk of breast cancer.

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Men's Health

mens health and prostate cancer

Did you know prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australian men? Every year in Australia, about 20,000 new cases are diagnosed and about 3,000 men die from the disease. With Movember in full swing, an annual campaign to get people talking about men’s health and raise awareness and understanding of the health risks men face, it’s a timely reminder to think about prostate cancer and provide some information to help you determine whether you’re at risk.

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Get fit with parkrun!

Medibank is proud to be teaming up with Australia’s biggest running event. Register

Running towards a healthier you

Running is one of the oldest and most effective forms of exercise, but getting started is the hardest part. Read about the benefits of running for your physical and mental health. There are also helpful tips to prepare for your first fun run.

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