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Lifestyle & Dementia

Use it or lose it: lifestyle & dementia Dementia affects more than 300,000 Australians and though there is currently no cure, there are things you can do to delay its onset. Here we look at simple things you can do in middle age to keep dementia at bay.

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Variety Outranks Intensity

More from the ‘variety is the spice of life' file; scientists have found that the range of our exercise activities, rather than the intensity, is what influences our chances of avoiding dementia.

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Grapes Grapple With Dementia

A substance found in grapes and red wine may combat one of the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.

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All About Alzheimer's

Losing your keys or forgetting a name doesn't mean you've got Alzheimer's disease. So what does?

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Step Out To Keep Your Brain Moving

Want to preserve the size of your brain and avoid dementia later in life? Research suggests you should go for a walk.

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Go Mediterranean & Reap The Rewards

Sticking to a Mediterranean-style diet may reduce the risk of being stricken with Alzheimer's disease as we age.

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Eat Smart, Get Smart

Are there foods available on supermarket shelves that could actually make us smarter or even change the way we behave? If so, what are they?

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Get fit with parkrun!

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Running towards a healthier you

Running is one of the oldest and most effective forms of exercise, but getting started is the hardest part. Read about the benefits of running for your physical and mental health. There are also helpful tips to prepare for your first fun run.

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