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  • Overeating

    Emotional Eating

    Often called ‘non-hungry eating', emotional eating deals with the undeniable fact that food is about much more than simple nutrition and satisfying hunger.

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    Coming To Terms With COPD

    It’s not uncommon for people with chronic health problems to experience anxious or depressed feelings. But with COPD, there seems to be an extra strong link between COPD and mood disorders - the umbrella term for problems like anxiety and depression.

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Active Families

Active Parenting Required

Parents have a vital role to play in setting a good example for active, healthy lifestyles for their children. And parental support is even more important for girls.

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Active Families

Time Pays Off For Parents

Spending quality time with your kids has been shown to directly affect child obesity rates.

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Parental Pressure Can Beat Peer Pressure

Even if you can't quit, you can probably prevent your children taking up smoking.

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Mental Health

Fathers: Get Involved Early

An investigation of links between parenting and student performance suggests dads need to get actively involved early in their children's lives.

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Men's Health

New Parents Under Pressure

The birth of a baby is cause for celebration but bringing that bundle home can be overwhelming - not only for mothers, but for fathers, too.

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Parents May Quit When Kids Sick

When is it timely to talk to a parent about quitting smoking? When their child is hospitalised due to illnesses related to smoke exposure, apparently.

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Children's Health

Cut Out TV For Tots

Experts in child medicine have just confirmed what they long suspected: children under two and TV don’t mix.

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Get fit with parkrun!

Medibank is proud to be teaming up with Australia’s biggest running event. Register

Running towards a healthier you

Running is one of the oldest and most effective forms of exercise, but getting started is the hardest part. Read about the benefits of running for your physical and mental health. There are also helpful tips to prepare for your first fun run.

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