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    Emotional Eating

    Often called ‘non-hungry eating', emotional eating deals with the undeniable fact that food is about much more than simple nutrition and satisfying hunger.

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    Coming To Terms With COPD

    It’s not uncommon for people with chronic health problems to experience anxious or depressed feelings. But with COPD, there seems to be an extra strong link between COPD and mood disorders - the umbrella term for problems like anxiety and depression.

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Mental Health

Getting To Know Stress

Stress is an inevitable, unavoidable part of life. The triggers can be physical, emotional or intellectual challenges. Our responses can involve physical and psychological symptoms.

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Stamp Out Stress

We might not be able to avoid stress but we can improve our capacity to deal with it.

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Mental Health

Good Stress Versus Bad Stress

Stressful situations are not always a bad thing; sometimes being under the pump can help you to perform better. So what can help you thrive under pressure rather than crumble under its weight?

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Working On Stress: Part 2

Does stress have to be a by-product of productivity? Or can an organisation gain by proactively working to reduce workplace stress?

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Stress Behind Bingeing

Prolonged stress may trigger pleasure-seeking behaviour including a compulsion to consume comfort foods.

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Mental Health

The Dark Side Of Coping With Stress

When it comes to dealing with persistent stress, many people turn to habits that offer short term pleasure and relief, but which can come with a significant long-term cost.

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Mental Health

Time To Stress Heart Health

Emotional stress can contribute to risk factors for heart disease and trigger symptoms in people with established heart disease. With this in mind, we discuss some stress management strategies to help protect your heart.

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Get fit with parkrun!

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Running towards a healthier you

Running is one of the oldest and most effective forms of exercise, but getting started is the hardest part. Read about the benefits of running for your physical and mental health. There are also helpful tips to prepare for your first fun run.

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